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The clients do not engage in expensive legal procedures to obtain information.  The clients and their Collaborative Attorneys agree from the beginning that they will share all relevant information and documents voluntarily and in a timely fashion.  Hiding documents or unnecessary delays are not permitted.  If a party is not acting in good faith and "hides the ball", it is the duty of his or her Collaborative Attorney to work with the client to change his or her behavior and to withdraw if the behavior continues.  If a party continues to refuse to act in good faith, the Collaborative Process can be terminated. 

The clients decide what type of additional assistance is needed in the information gathering process and jointly engage consultants.  For example, the clients can jointly hire a Neutral Financial Professional to assist them in gathering and organizing financial information and to create projections for future financial possibilities.  Or, they can jointly engage an appraiser to provide them with an opinion regarding the value of a particular asset.

About CPSF

Collaborative Practice San Francisco is a group of professionals interested in avoiding court battles and power struggles to resolve conflicts. Our group is a multi-disciplinary, multi-field group open to all professionals interested in Collaborative conflict resolution. Read more...

Will CP work for me?

If the following values are important to you, it is likely to be a workable option:

  • I want us to communicate with a tone of respect.
  • I want to prioritize the needs of our children.
  • My needs and those of my spouse/partner require equal consideration, and I will listen objectively.

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