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Auer Family Law
1808 Wedemeyer Street, Suite 216
San Francisco, CA 94129


415-772-5686 phone

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Lisa Auer, Legal

Attorney and mediator Lisa J. Auer is committed to resolving family law issues outside of court whenever possible. Lisa works with spouses, domestic partners, parents, and other individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area in a full range of family law matters, including divorce, dissolution of domestic partnership, parenting issues, child and spousal support, and premarital and postmarital agreements. In addition to collaborative practice, Lisa’s services include mediation, consulting for clients who are in mediation or pursuing self-directed settlement, and traditional representation. Regardless of which process is used, Lisa’s goal is to act as a peacemaker and problem solver and to help clients work through their disputes in as respectful, compassionate, and efficient way possible. Lisa makes sure she understands each client’s concerns and goals so that she can help them make informed decisions and find the best solutions.

Originally from New Hampshire, Lisa has lived in San Francisco for more than 25 years. After completing her undergraduate degree at Yale, she worked first in health advocacy and then in publishing for several years before attending law school at UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall. For more information about Lisa and her practice, please visit her website at

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Collaborative Practice San Francisco is a group of professionals interested in avoiding court battles and power struggles to resolve conflicts. Our group is a multi-disciplinary, multi-field group open to all professionals interested in Collaborative conflict resolution. Read more...

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